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The online store has a significant impact on the image, sales and marketing of companies. A well-designed eCommerce website adapted to mobile devices and computers is the best showcase and the key to success. We will help you create an online store based on the latest technologies, such as: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Vue.js, WooCommerce, Shopify and the Laravel framework.

Thanks to us, your online store will become more visible on the Internet and the users will be eager to visit it. You will gain an effective promotion tool and an opportunity to gain all of the adavantages of your businnes in a clear way.

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We implement comprehensive eCommerce technologies

From idea to implementation, we can realize all stages of your online store development on WooCommerce, Shopify or a dedicated solution. Our programmers and designers have developed effective and proven solutions for various industries. Use our experience and enjoy the online store that will be created using new technologies and current trends and standards.

  • WooComerce

    We create modern online stores using the world's most popular eCommerce engine, which is WordPress WooCommerce. It is a technology that allows you to create small and medium-sized stores (up to 10,000 products) integrated with popular portals, payments, shipping and tools facilitating online sales. Online stores on WooCommerce are effective and the cost of their implementation is relatively low. eCommerce WooCommerce services are popular especially among B2C customers, although they are also used in the B2B segment. they are popular especially among B2C customers, although they are also used in the B2B segment.

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  • Shopify

    We implement modern and effective online stores based on the Shopify engine. eCommerce websites created on the Shopify platform are primarily characterized by high efficiency. Shopify is an engine dedicated to large stores (over 10,000 products). eCommerce services on the Shopify platform successfully integrate with payment and shipping methods as well as external systems, including ERP programs. Online stores based on the Shopify engine are a good choice both for customers operating in the B2B area, as well as those operating in the B2C segment.

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The eCommerce technology implementation process

  1. 01

    Template choice

    ECommerce template implementation

    The online stores we create are implemented on ready-made templates purchased on specialized portals or are designed by our graphic team. Regardless of whether we design a dedicated graphic template (most often in the case of online stores based on the WooCommerce and Laravel engine), or we use ready-made templates (as in the case of Shopify), we always try to ensure that the eCommerce template meets 100% of the needs of users visiting the eCommerce portal.

  2. 02

    Front-end development

    Programming the front-end of the eCommerce platform

    Programming the front-end part of the eCommerce website is an important part of the entire process. The vast majority of online stores operating on the market have similar functionalities and parameters. What often distinguishes individual eCommerce platforms from the competition is the unique graphic design. That is because animations and stylistics create the uniqueness of a given eCommerce website. Using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks (react and vue.js), we create a graphic layer that fully meets the needs of target users of the storefront.

  3. 03

    Back-end development

    Back-end programming

    When programming the back-end layer, first of all, we choose the eCommerce engine for a given online store. The choice between WooCommerce, Shopify and a dedicated solution determines further work. The selected eCommerce engine is modified and adapted in the course of back-end work depending on the client's needs, and above all, the guidelines and functionality of the online store contained in the eCommerce strategy.

  4. 04

    Preparing for implementation

    Preparing of the eCommerce platform for implementation

    During completion of all works, both front-end and back-end, the online store is prepared for optimization, integration and implementation. In this phase, all necessary integrations and modules are prepared, which allow all functionalities to be connected to the eCommerce platform. In addition, there are also guidelines for optimizing the functioning of the online store, especially in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

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