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The eCommerce website requires constant care and development. The created online store is not the final product. When creating eCommerce websites, we make sure that they are not only safe, stable and efficient, but that they can also constantly develop and adapt to the environment, customers and the activities of the competition.

Together with our team, you will create an online store that will be flexible and open to changes. With our help, you will develop an effective customer-friendly WooCommerce or Shopify stores!

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Security and flexibility of operation

Each eCommerce website requires stability and security to develop. Thanks to the use of the latest server and hosting solutions, we care about the safety and efficiency of the online store. Then the development and expansion of the eCommerce platform will not be a problem. By applying audits, we constantly check the effectiveness of the online store, while constantly improving its functioning.

  • UX / CX audit

    We use online and offline methods to conduct UX (User Expernience) / CX (Customer Experience) audits. By conducting the audit we analyze the audience of the online store both by conducting qualitative research on a selected group of customers, as well as using quantitative statistics. Thanks to the appropriate setting of Google Analytics and the connection of mouse and click tracking tools within the online store, we can receive valuable conclusions about the usability of the online store, which are then the basis for introducing changes within the eCommerce platform.

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    Customer Experience
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Development and maintenance of the online store

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    eCommerce platform hosting

    Properly operating, always available and prepared for changing traffic loads, the eCommerce service is the basis for functioning in online commerce. Therefore, as a team of Blue Owl eCommerce Software House, we try to choose the best and modern hosting and server solutions. Our team advises and selects service providers with particular emphasis on the platform engine (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, dedicated online store), predictable traffic on the online store and other factors that have a particular impact on the eCommerce website load.

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    UX / CX audit

    ECommerce website usability audit

    An online store usability audit is an assessment and opinion of a user experience designer about an online store. Most often it is prepared in the form of a report with guidelines for changes to be implemented. Our user experience experts conduct qualitative and quantitative research focused on collecting customer experiences in the eCommerce area. When conducting research, we use both traditional methods as well as traffic tracking technology to understand the needs of eCommerce platform users in the best possible way. Based on the collected data, our experts prepare detailed reports containing precise guidelines for changes that should be implemented in the structure of the online store.

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    ECommerce Development

    online store development

    Continuous development and improvement of the online store is an important element of the eCommerce platform, both in terms of technologies emerging on the market, as well as consumer trends. Customer requirements for the creators of the eCommerce platform are getting higher and higher, and above all, they change over time, which has a significant impact on the development of the online store. Our team works directly with clients, constantly trying to develop the store platforms created for them.

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    eCommerce website in Headless Commerce technology. React + Gatsby.js + WooCommerce. eCommerce service for a demanding furniture distributor.

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    A modern e-commerce website for nature enthusiasts. Ecommerce for the Łąki Kwietne brand is an effective WooCommerce website.

  • Wielcy Malcy

    Online store for the Wielcy Malcy brand. A modern online store on the WordPress WooCommerce platform for a customer from the children's industry.

  • UnoEspresso

    Online store on the WooCommerce platform for a distributor of coffee, tea and equipment, the Uno Espresso brand.

  • Mam Okres

    Designed for women, online store for the brand Mam Czas. Unique, inimitable design and accessible form of WooCommerce store.

  • Rexproduct

    A modern and effective, multilingual eCommerce platform for a client from the production and trade industry.

  • Babyono

    A modern, useful online store on the WooCommerce platform for a customer in the field of equipment for children and babies.

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