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The Launch Phase is a vital component of our Shopify eCommerce development journey, where our adept team meticulously designs, builds, and integrates your complete online store. This crucial stage includes a holistic approach, covering UX/UI design, custom design, custom theme development, back-end and front-end development, back-end integrations, replatforming, Shopify Plus development, and eCommerce automations. Rely on our expertise to craft a captivating and seamless shopping experience that positions your store for success in the competitive world of eCommerce. With the Launch Phase, witness your online business flourish.

Launch your store!
  • Custom Shopify Design

    Experience the impact of Custom Design in your Shopify store, where our gifted designers meticulously craft a tailored project that caters to your customers' needs. This stage includes a comprehensive approach to UX and UI design, leveraging the valuable insights and data gathered during the eCommerce workshops and audit phases. Our bespoke designs ensure a seamless and visually appealing shopping experience, enhancing user satisfaction and driving results in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape. Trust our Custom Shopify Design expertise to elevate your online store and set your business apart in today's competitive market.

    UX design
    UI design
    Shopify design
    Graphic design
    launch store
  • Custom Shopify Theme Development

    Discover the power of Custom Shopify Theme Development, where our agency's commitment to delivering exceptional brand experiences takes center stage. We understand that a brand's success is deeply rooted in the unique experiences it offers. That's why we believe every store should be custom-made and tailored to address user needs and desires. By developing bespoke Shopify themes for each of our clients, we ensure the delivery of a truly unique brand experience for every user. Trust our Custom Shopify Theme Development expertise to distinguish your online store and propel your business forward in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

    Custom theme design
    Custom theme development
    Custom template design
    Custom template development
    go custom Shopify
  • Shopify Plus

    Experience the power of Shopify Plus Development, where our agency's extensive expertise comes to the fore. We understand that Shopify Plus is essential for growing brands, particularly at the enterprise level. This version allows us to leverage the full power of Shopify, tailoring the store to meet user needs and drive eCommerce business success. With a wealth of experience in Shopify Plus stores development, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our clients. Trust our Shopify Plus Development expertise to enhance your online business and propel it to new heights in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

    Shopify Plus design
    Shopify Plus development
    Shopify Plus integrations
    Shopify Plus B2B
    go with Shopify Plus
  • Replatforming

    Discover the benefits of Replatforming to Shopify, where our agency's expertise in migrating stores from different platforms to Shopify or Shopify Plus comes into play. Replatforming offers a great opportunity for eCommerce stores to enhance their online business and stay competitive in today's dynamic eCommerce landscape. As an experienced Shopify agency, we have a wealth of knowledge in replatforming from platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Open Cart, and more. Replatforming to the Shopify Plus environment opens up a world of possibilities, offering advanced features and functionality to support your eCommerce business growth. Trust our expertise in Replatforming to Shopify to facilitate a seamless and successful migration of your online store.

    WooCommerce to Shopify Plus
    Magento to Shopify Plus
    PrestaShop to Shopify Plus
    Open Cart to Shopify Plus
    Migration to Shopify Plus
    migrate your store
  • eCommerce B2B Shopify

    Unlock the potential of eCommerce B2B Shopify, where our agency's expertise in Shopify Plus comes into play. With Shopify Plus, we have the ability to set up a separate B2B store from the D2C store, creating a comprehensive solution for brands that operate in both retail and wholesale markets. Shopify Plus offers a range of opportunities for B2B focused businesses, from customizable pricing tiers and bulk ordering to tailored catalogues and enhanced product visibility. As experienced Shopify Plus developers, we understand the unique requirements of B2B eCommerce and can work with you to craft a tailored solution that meets your business needs. Trust our expertise in eCommerce B2B Shopify to take your online business to new heights and drive success in the competitive B2B market.

    Shopify Plus wholesale
    Shopify Plus B2B
    B2B Shopify platform
    eCommerce B2B
    go with B2B
  • Headless Commerce

    Experience the power of Headless Commerce with Shopify Hydrogen, where our agency's expertise in eCommerce development comes into play. As a headless solution, Shopify Hydrogen offers businesses significant opportunities to scale their online presence and enhance brand experience for users. Headless technology is crucial for fast-growing brands that are focused on performance and require a tailored brand experience for every single user. With Headless Commerce, businesses can leverage their brand's full potential, creating seamless and engaging user experiences across various channels and devices. As experienced Shopify developers, we can work with you to unlock the power of Headless Commerce and drive growth and success for your online business. Trust our expertise in Shopify Hydrogen to help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

    Shopify Hydrogen
    Shopify Oxygen
    Headless Shopify
    Headless Commerce Shopify
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Case Study

Custom Design and launching new Shopify store for a well known polish toy company. We used Dawn theme and customize it to reach customer expectations.

Launch your Shopify Store

At our Shopify eCommerce development agency, we understand the importance of the Launch Phase in delivering a complete online store. Our experienced team takes a meticulous approach to design, build, and integrate every aspect of your eCommerce website. With a holistic approach that includes UX/UI design, custom design, custom theme development, back-end and front-end development, back-end integrations, replatforming, Shopify Plus development, and eCommerce automations, we create a captivating and seamless shopping experience for your customers. Trust our expertise to position your store for success in the competitive world of eCommerce. The Launch Phase sets the stage for your online business to flourish, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


  1. 01

    What are the steps in the Shopify eCommerce development process?

    At our Shopify eCommerce development agency, we follow a comprehensive process to deliver outstanding results for our clients. The steps in our process include eCommerce discovery workshop, information architecture and product backlog preparation, UX & UI design, front-end development, back-end development, integrations, testing, optimization, launch, and maintenance. Each step is crucial in ensuring a seamless and customized eCommerce solution tailored specifically to your business needs. Our process is designed to provide a holistic approach to eCommerce development, from ideation to launch and beyond. Trust us to guide you through the entire process and deliver a successful eCommerce store that drives growth and engagement for your business.

  2. 02

    What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

    Shopify and Shopify Plus are both eCommerce platforms offered by Shopify, with different features and pricing structures. Shopify is a platform suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and startups, providing essential eCommerce features and functionality, such as product management, payment processing, and basic customization options. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, is a premium enterprise-level platform designed for high-volume businesses, offering advanced features such as customized checkout and shipping options, multi-currency and multi-language support, dedicated account management, and more. Shopify Plus also provides greater flexibility in terms of customization and integration capabilities, making it an ideal platform for larger businesses with complex needs. While both platforms are powerful eCommerce solutions, Shopify Plus is tailored specifically for larger businesses with higher traffic and more complex requirements.

  3. 03

    Who is headless commerce for?

    Headless Commerce is a solution that is especially suitable for high-volume and growing brands. It enables businesses to separate the front-end and back-end of their eCommerce website, giving them greater control and flexibility over the user experience. By using Shopify Hydrogen in conjunction with Shopify Plus, we can deliver a world-class headless solution for your business. This approach is ideal for businesses that require a customized, scalable, and flexible eCommerce solution, with the ability to create seamless and engaging user experiences across various channels and devices. Trust our expertise in Headless Commerce to help you unlock the full potential of your online store and drive growth and success for your business.

  4. 04

    Does Shopify Plus have a B2B module?

    Yes, Shopify Plus offers a B2B module that is specifically designed for businesses that operate both retail and wholesale channels. The B2B module provides a separate storefront for wholesale customers, with features such as custom pricing, volume discounts, and specialized shipping options. With Shopify Plus, businesses can easily manage both B2B and B2C sales channels from a single platform, providing a seamless and integrated experience for their customers. The B2B module is a powerful tool that enables businesses to scale their wholesale operations and deliver customized experiences for their B2B customers. Trust our expertise in Shopify Plus to help you unlock the full potential of your online store and drive growth and success for your business.

  5. 05

    What is the difference between custom and premade Shopify themes?

    The main difference between custom and premade Shopify themes is the level of customization and uniqueness. Premade Shopify themes are pre-designed templates that are available for purchase and can be easily installed on a Shopify store. They are usually less expensive than custom themes and offer a quick and easy way to get started with an eCommerce store. However, since these themes are pre-designed, they may not fully meet the unique needs and branding of a business. Custom Shopify themes, on the other hand, are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and requirements of a business. They offer greater flexibility in terms of design, functionality, and integration capabilities, allowing businesses to create a unique and personalized online shopping experience. Custom themes may be more expensive and take longer to develop, but they offer a greater return on investment in the long run, as they provide a more tailored and engaging user experience for customers.

  6. 06

    Shopify replatforming how it works?

    Shopify replatforming is the process of migrating an eCommerce store from another platform to Shopify. The process involves several steps, including data migration, store design, product import, and integration of third-party apps and extensions. The first step is to evaluate the current store's needs and determine if Shopify is the right platform for the business. Once the decision is made to move forward, we work closely with the business to plan the migration process and ensure that all data is transferred accurately and efficiently. We then customize the store's design and functionality to match the business's unique branding and user experience requirements. Finally, we integrate any third-party apps or extensions needed to optimize the store's performance and functionality. The Shopify replatforming process can be complex, but our team has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

  7. 07

    How much does it cost to build a custom Shopify store?

    The cost of building a custom Shopify store can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the design and functionality, the size of the store, and the level of customization required. From our experience, building a custom Shopify store typically requires a minimum of 250 hours of work, which can translate to a starting cost of around $20,000. However, this is just a starting point, and the total cost can increase significantly based on the specific needs and requirements of the business. At our agency, we work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and budget constraints, and provide a customized estimate based on the scope of work required. We are committed to delivering the highest quality custom Shopify stores at a fair and competitive price, and we strive to provide complete transparency and clarity throughout the development process.

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