Strategy and design

The digital strategy allows for the effective use of modern sales channels and technological solutions to achieve business goals. To make your company more innovative, the solutions that ensure consistent contact with customers in all the channels should be found. The digital strategy for an online store requires the selection of the most effective tools to create an eCommerce website that meets the needs of target users. The main purpose of using a digital strategy for an online store is to increase customer engagement and business development.

We will develop an effective and comprehensive WooCommerce or Shopify store strategy for you, thanks to which you will achieve your long-term goals.

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We create unique customer experiences

UX / UI Design, or UX / UI design - refers to selecting the right interface elements (buttons, text boxes, drop-down lists and check boxes) and make them easily understandable for users. In order to properly design the interface, it is necessary to identify and solve problems that the user may meet while using the eCommerce website. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are areas that allow you to create intuitive, responsive and aesthetic interfaces that increase user satisfaction and the convenience while using an online store.

  • strategic analysis

    Without analyzing the initial situation, the digital strategy of the online store cannot bring the expected effect. At this stage, information about the brand, products or services offered, as well as competitive companies are obtained and analyzed. The examination may include:

    brand activities analysis
    ux audit
    analysis of the channels of reaching the clients
    competition analysis
  • target group analysis

    Analysis of data on brand or product users allows you to develop customer persona for an online store. To create a profile, you need: personal data, professional and psychographic information. Based on this, you can get a complete picture of persona representing a potential audience. Additional analysis of the latest consumer trends allow for the exact determination of target group.

    Empathy Map
    Target Group
  • Branding

    Branding - it is not only a logo, but a number of activities influencing the building of brand awareness. The digital strategy of the online store and the activities undertaken in its scope allow for the creation of lasting relationships with customers. As a branding agency we will help you meet the needs of your clients. By offering values and solutions that you can be identified with, the brand evokes positive emotions and associations.

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  • e-commerce workshop

    Designing online stores is a complex process involving many variables. As part of the design process, our team conducts eCommerce workshops based on Design Thinking. ECommerce workshops allow you to precisely prepare guidelines for the designed e-commerce platform. During eCommerce workshops, the group of target users is analyzed, the benchmarking of the competition is carried out and the basic information architecture of the online store is created.

    Design Thinking

The process of creating a digital strategy

  1. 01

    needs analysis

    Online store users' needs analysis

    The UX / UI design process begins with defining the goals and functionality of the selected solution. It is important not only to define short-term and long-term goals, but also to know the needs of recipients and analyze the competition. These activities allow you to plan your strategy in the right way. When designing online stores, it is important to consider who the target recipients are and what for they will visit the eCommerce website.

  2. 02

    information architecture

    preparing the information architecture of the eCommerce website

    Information architecture is one of the success factors of eCommerce websites. At this stage, decisions are made about how the storefront will communicate with the user. Its structure should be planned so that it is possible to achieve the sales goals. The information architecture of the online store allows for the appropriate organization of the content, navigation and functionality of the website in the most accessible way for people and indexing robots.

  3. 03

    eCommerce project structure

    designing the eCommerce website structure

    The right structure makes the eCommerce website well organized and the users can easily find what they are looking for. This is convenient not only for website visitors, but also for the creators themselves, due to, among others, easier navigation system. Whether users manage to find the information they need depends on the structure of the online store. If not, only a small fraction of users will choose to visit eCommerce again.

  4. 04

    lo-fi and hi-fi mockups

    creating lo-fi and hi-fi mockups (wireframes lo-fi & hi-fi)

    A mock-up, i.e. a sketch containing precisely drawn screens of subsequent website or application transitions, allows you to determine the final look of the page. Prototyping is one of the most important stages of Design Thinking, enabling the presentation of the structure, functionality and method of organizing information. For this purpose, lo-fi mockups (diagrams presenting only the basic functions), hi-fi mockups (more elaborate sketches that are close to the final look), blue prints or other types of outlines are created. The choice depends on many factors, including the size and complexity of the project.

  5. 05

    UI design

    designing graphic interfaces

    UI design allows you to create a language that ensures communication between software and users. The graphic design created at this stage includes all the elements of the aesthetic side that facilitate the operation of the online store - menu, colors, text layout and photo galleries. UI is often responsible for the control panel and peripherals, that is, the physical elements of communication.

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