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We have been implementing comprehensive eCommerce solutions on the market for over 5 years. We design and program online stores using both ready-made engines (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento), as well as dedicated solutions based on PHP Laravel and Symfony. We provide comprehensive services to our clients, from strategy through design and prototyping, platform selection, implementation, maintenance, to online store development. When creating modern eCommerce websites, it should be remembered that each of the designed systems functions like a living organism. Creating an online store does not end the implementation process, but it is the beginning of improvement works. It is worth using the services of proven partners in the area of eCommerce websites.

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strategy & design

The first step in creating digital products, and in particular online stores, is an appropriate strategy for implementing the product on the market. The very launch of an online store is simple, just select a platform, upload a theme and products, connect shipping and payments and you can use the online store. However, strong brands are looking for something more. Thanks to the appropriate strategy, which is most often created during eCommerce workshops, it becomes possible to create an effective value proposition. Based on the presented strategy, a utility and graphic design of an online store is created. The whole thing is connected by the information architecture of the eCommerce website, which determines the key elements of the online store.

Product Design Sprint User Experience Design Design Thinking Workshop User Interface Design Information Architecure Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototyping

technology implementation

The implementation of technology is a long and complicated process. The key to success is the strategy prepared at an earlier stage and reflected in the information architecture. On its basis, we draft the entire technology implementation plan. Then, the platform chosen as part of the strategy (online store engine) plays a very important role. The implementation of WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento or another solution allows for the initial implementation of a fully functional online store system.

WooCommerce PrestaShop Magento Laravel Symfony JavaScript PWA eCommerce

integration & optimization

The implementation of an online store engine is half the success of implementation works. An important element is also the integration and optimization of the eCommerce platform. Through integration, it is understood the connection and synchronization of payments and shipments, ERP systems, or external platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and others. The next step is to optimize the whole thing so that the online store works efficiently, quickly and without problems. We also take care to adapt the eCommerce platform to the latest positioning guidelines.

payment gateways integration shipments integrations ERP systems integration Marketplace integration

development & maitenance

Placing an online store on the contractor's server is the finalization of the eCommerce platform implementation process. It is worth remembering that an online store is a living organism that should develop along with the market and its needs. As a team, we deal with the maintenance and development of the online store. By setting analytical parameters, performing tests and analyzes, we will be able to spot errors from the design and programming stage. The data will allow us to introduce appropriate solutions to improve the functioning of the entire online store.

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