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Your Kaya

A unique bio-ecological cosmetics website for the Your Kaya brand. Modern eCommerce website on Shopify Plus technology.

Services: Development and maitenance | Back-end Development | Headless commerce implementation | Shopify | Bugs-fixing and support

Business: Cosmetics | DTC


Business needs

The Your Kaya team decided to scale its business by adding a subscription shopping function, but the current state of technology did not allow for this. We have now embraced:

  • Connecting a subscription system
  • Connecting an independent payment system
  • Embracing the sale of single, bundles, custom box and subscription products  
  • Repairing the shop code 
  • Improving page load times 
  • Continuous bugs fixes 
  • Hotfixes

This is a perfect example of a Maintenance and Support case.

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the project was to improve the shop's performance, add subscription payments and support many different order scenarios (single or bundle or custom box or mix of all). Unfortunately, along the way there are still numerous bugs in the code and logic of the shop, so a lot of activity is slowed down by ongoing repairs or quick feature additions.


As the ambitions of the Your Kaya team are big and the shop looked like a building site, so we had a lot of challenges, such as:

  • Connecting an independent system to handle payments
  • The difficulty of embracing product sales 
    • Single
    • bundle 
    • custom box
    • subscription 
  •  Subscriber panel - the most important 
    • Problems with linking data 
    • Problem in organising dates on the front end in line with the customer order
  • Numerous code errors 
  • Lack of a search engine on the website 
  • Inadequate eCommerce system


Project description

The Your Kaya brand is focused on providing modern bio-ecological cosmetics through its online store. To meet the YourKaya team's business goals, the brand wanted to add a subscription shopping function to their website, which required the integration of an independent payment system, as well as support for various order scenarios, such as single, bundle, custom box, and subscription products. However, the current state of the technology did not allow for these features, and the website required maintenance and support to improve its performance, and page load times, and fix ongoing bugs.


The main goal of the project was to improve the performance of the online store and add subscription payments to support different order scenarios. However, the team faced many challenges, such as connecting an independent payment system, embracing product sales, organizing dates on the front-end subscriber panel, and numerous code errors. To solve these issues, the team performed an audit of the website's performance, migrated to Shopify, and continuously improved the subscription panel. The team also conducted tests with a group of customers to gather feedback and implemented quick fixes to address ongoing issues. Additionally, they added a search engine and individual functionalities to improve the overall user experience.

The team used several technologies to achieve their goals, such as Shopify, ReCharge, ReBuy, Clavio, StorifyMe, and Yotpo. To ensure the success of the project, the team also employed a teammate, a dedicated specialist who worked closely with the team to analyze the user experience, act as a product owner, and execute project manager tasks. Overall, the project was aimed at improving the performance of the online store and adding subscription payments to support various order scenarios.


Here are some examples of solutions we have used or even still use today

  • Performance audit 
  • Migration to Shopify
  • Continuous improvement of the subs panel.
  • Ongoing testing on a group of clients before a possible 
  • Quick fix of ongoing problems 
  • Addition of search engine 
  • Adding individual functionalities

  • Implementation of teammate - a dedicated specialist is on site and works very closely. He implements ideas after UX analysis, acts as Product Owner and performs Project manager tasks. He is at the constant disposal of the Your Kaya team, as if he were employed there.

Used technologies

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