An online store for people who cannot imagine their day without coffee. A modern and effective e-commerce platform based on WordPress WooCommerce for Uno Espresso brand.

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Business needs

Uno Espresso is a brand that has been operating on the local market for many years, has gained the recognition of customers who highly appreciate the products and services it offers. Our challenge was to design and implement a modern eCommerce platform that would reflect the character of the brand. The key business challenges faced by the Blue Owl team include:

  • preparing and conducting qualitative research with users of the existing online store of the brand;
  • designing a unique customer experience in the purchasing process in the online store;
  • transfer of the existing customer base from the current online store to a new project;
  • integration of the online store with tools that automate sales, marketing and customer service.

The key aspect was to create a modern WooCommerce store that would fully reflect the values represented by the Uno Espresso brand.

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the project was to create a new online store , which would be not only modern and effective, but above all user-friendly and administrators.


The implementation of the online store for the Uno Espresso brand required the following activities:

  • designing and conducting a research process in the field of qualitative UX (User Experience) research;
  • conducting e-commerce workshops using the Design Thinking methodology;
  • preparation of UX utility models and graphics of the new online store;
  • programming a dedicated graphic design of an online store using the WooCommerce engine;
  • implementation and integration of electronic shipping and payment modules;
  • integration of the ERP Subiekt system with the online store;
  • implementation and integration of the marketing automation system.

Before starting work on the project, our team had to face many challenges, which only motivated us to work hard and ended successfully.

Project description

Uno Espresso is a brand that has been operating on the local gastronomic market for many years, providing wholesale and retail customers with the highest quality coffee, tea and equipment for their preparation. Until recently, Uno Espresso also had an online store that did not meet current standards, not only in terms of design and usability, but also technical functionality. All this contributed to the decision to create a completely new online store, completely from scratch, starting with the needs of the target users.

We started the process of building a new e-commerce platform for Uno Espresso by conducting Design Thinking Workshops in the Design Thinking methodology, one of the elements of which was to prepare and conduct qualitative research with store users. The workshop resulted in the creation of the first lo-fi mockup concepts for an online store, which were then subjected to the process of prototyping and testing with a selected group of users. The applications collected at this stage contributed to the creation of many functionalities that were implemented in the final project of the online store.

In addition to the dedicated graphic design, our graphic team has also prepared illustrations that fill the space of the Uno Espresso online store, giving it expressiveness and character. When creating the graphic design, our team of designers focused on maintaining the consistency of all elements and functionality resulting from the previously conducted design workshops. The ready graphic design of the online store was then handed over to the developers responsible for the implementation of the entire project on the ecommerce platform based on the WordPress WooCommerce engine.

The implementation of the new e-commerce platform for the Uno Espresso brand was not a simple task. In addition to programming dedicated graphic templates related to the prepared project, it was necessary to carry out a number of integrations and modifications, as well as prepare the export of the current customer base from the old to the new online store of the brand. At the implementation stage, as a team, we had to integrate the platform with the Subiekt ERP system, the Omnisend marketing automation system and numerous functionalities enabling the combination of payments and shipments. The whole thing also required intensive work of the front-end developer, who was responsible for the implementation of a dedicated graphic template for the online store. Ultimately, the implementation of the project was successful and the creation of a modern and effective e-commerce website.


The key functionalities of the online store created for the Uno Espresso brand, which allowed the achievement of the expected business results, include:

  • modern design with dedicated illustrations prepared by the Blue Owl graphic team;
  • connection of the ERP Subiekt system, which allowed for the automation of the order handling process;
  • implementation of a marketing automation system based on Omnisend;
  • developing key functionalities on the basis of e-commerce workshops conducted in the Design Thinking methodology;
  • optimization of the usability and speed of the eCommerce platform;
  • transfer and integration of the existing customer base from the old platform to the new online store.

The implemented functionalities and dedicated graphic design contributed to the implementation of a modern, functional and stylish online store for the Uno Espresso brand.

Used technologies

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