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The Nikalab brand excels in offeringNi alike. This state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, powered by the robust technology of Shopify Plus, is seamlessly integrated with the Recharge subscription solution.

Services: Design & Development | Growth & Maintenance | Shopify Plus Expertise | Custom Recharge Client Panel | Helpdesk Support

Business: Dietary Supplements | Health & Beauty


Business needs

In its pursuit to remain competitive within the rapidly growing e-commerce sphere, Nikalab recognized the need for a modern online store that's aligned with the latest UI/UX design trends. This expansive project comprised a complete brand rebranding, as well as:

  • Implementing a contemporary store design that resonates with the revamped brand image.
  • Overhauling the existing client panel to facilitate easy and intuitive subscription management for users.
  • Refining the existing subscription system to incorporate variable products, enabling subscriptions at frequencies of both 1 and 3 months.
  • Code optimization for streamlined performance.
  • Enhancing website loading speeds.
  • Provision of ongoing technical support and critical hotfixes.

The main goal of the project

Our primary aim was to not only rejuvenate Nikalab's online store but also ensure it became a benchmark for future e-commerce platforms. We aimed to provide an intuitive interface for users, optimize site performance, and seamlessly integrate subscription functionalities, all while maintaining the brand's premium feel.


This ambitious undertaking was riddled with challenges. Notably, customizing the commercial Recharge system to cater to the store's unique demands, and ensuring pixel-perfect fidelity to the intended website layout. Nonetheless, these hurdles didn't deter us from delivering a fully-functional, contemporary, and most importantly, profitable e-commerce platform. Additionally, we took on a design project from another agency, made the necessary modifications, and expanded on it with additional page designs. Key challenges included:

  • Assuming design responsibilities from another agency while meeting the client's stringent requirements.
  • Adapting the commercial Recharge system to fit the store's needs.
  • Implementing product sales in the following categories:
    • Single purchase items.
    • Subscription products with a 1-month frequency.
    • Subscription products with a 3-month frequency.
  • Overhauling the subscriber panel to introduce functionalities like:
    • Editing delivery frequencies.
    • Adjusting the next delivery date.
    • Modifying shipment and payment methods.
    • Updating client information.
    • Altering or adding products in the subscription.
  • Rolling out a pixel-perfect new layout.
  • Refining the Shopify Plus website's legacy mechanics.

Project description


Nikalab, a distinguished name in the domain of dietary supplements, sought to elevate its online presence and user experience. Recognizing the pivotal role of e-commerce in today's digital age, the brand aspired to align its virtual storefront with the latest UI/UX trends. Blue Owl, being a leading EU-based Shopify eCommerce agency, was entrusted with this ambitious venture.

Key Features:

  1. Platform Choice: Utilizing Shopify Plus, we offered Nikalab an e-commerce platform that's scalable, reliable, and feature-rich.
  2. Recharge Integration: We seamlessly melded the Recharge subscription solution with the store, offering users a myriad of subscription options and intuitive management tools.
  3. Rebranding: A brand's identity is its soul. We undertook a comprehensive rebranding exercise to ensure Nikalab's online presence mirrored its commitment to quality and excellence.
  4. Custom Client Panel: Tailored to perfection, our custom Recharge client panel ensures that users can easily manage their subscriptions, modify details, and interact with the brand effortlessly.
  5. Design: Aesthetics intertwined with functionality. Our design team ensured the new online store is visually appealing, aligned with Nikalab's brand image, and user-friendly.

Challenges & Solutions:

While the journey had its fair share of challenges, from adapting the Recharge system to inheriting design responsibilities midway from another agency, our expertise and dedication turned these hurdles into stepping stones. Through rigorous code optimization, pixel-perfect design implementation, and continuous feedback loops with Nikalab, we sculpted an e-commerce platform that's robust and ready for the future.


The result is a cutting-edge online store that stands testament to what is achievable when technology, design, and vision converge. Nikalab now boasts an e-commerce platform that's not only user-centric but also aligned with the brand's long-term growth aspirations.


In essence, this project epitomizes Blue Owl's commitment to transforming e-commerce dreams into tangible realities, powered by our unmatched expertise in the Shopify Plus ecosystem.


The solutions we employed during the Shopify Plus site's developmental phase, as well as for its maintenance, include:

  • Conducting a thorough performance audit.
  • Introducing a dedicated client panel to simplify order management for users.
  • Continuous enhancements to the client panel.
  • Launching variable subscription products.
  • Swiftly addressing emerging issues through full helpdesk support.
  • Complete brand rebranding.

With our expertise in the Shopify Plus realm, bolstered by our deep-rooted experience in eCommerce, we ensure that businesses like Nikalab not only meet but exceed their digital aspirations.

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