A modern eCommerce website for a furniture distributor. Made in Headless Commerce technology based on React, Gatsby.js and WooCommerce.

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Business: Trade


Business needs

The new eCommerce website for the Deskwise brand is primarily a migration from the current system to a new one based on headless commerce technology. The whole process consisted of the following elements:

  • conducting eCommerce workshops;
  • preparation of the full information architecture of the new online store;
  • creating UX and UI mockups of the eCommerce website;
  • implementation of an online store based on headless commerce technology;
  • using our proprietary gatsby.js storefront solution in the implementation of the eCommerce website;
  • installation of key modules of the online store;
  • implementations of dedicated solutions.

The main business goal was to migrate to a platform whose quality will be able to reflect the values of the Deskwise brand.

The main goal of the project

The main goal of the project prepared for the Deskwise brand was migration from the Shoplo system to a WooCommerce CMS system based on headless commerce technology.


The preparation and implementation of an eCommerce website for the Deskwise brand involved going through the following aspects:

  • analysis of Shoplo - WooCommerce migration possibilities;
  • conducting user analysis and benchmarking competition analysis;
  • conducting Design Thinking workshops in the area of an online store;
  • creating individual UX / UI projects for the new eCommerce website;
  • implementation of an eCommerce website based on gatsby.js storefront on the WordPress WooCommerce platform;
  • configuring the infrastructure, especially from the front-end;
  • implementation of dedicated modules.

Finally, a modern and functional online store in headless commerce technology was created, based on the WordPress WooCommerce engine.

Project description

The first step of cooperation was to determine the possibility of migration on the Shoplo - WooCommerce line. At the time of purchasing Shoplo by Shoper, the customer decided to migrate to the WordPress WooCommerce engine. After the migration process, as a team, we started the requirements analysis and started the workshop process based on our proprietary eCommerce workshop. Thanks to the workshops carried out together with the customer's representatives, it was possible to obtain, among others the most important information on the needs and requirements of users and their expectations regarding the eCommerce website being created. The workshop was concluded with the creation of a complete information architecture for a new online store for the Deskwise brand.

The next step is to transfer the information taken from the workshops and illustrated as part of the information architecture "on paper". In this step, utility and graphic models for the entire website were prepared. The assumptions of the online store were reproduced on the mock-ups. The design process was fully coordinated with the client, who communicated the most important comments and changes to the design team during the work. Ultimately, based on the designed mock-ups, a full product backlog was prepared for the implementation of the eCommerce website.

For the implementation of the online store, we used CMS WordPress WooCommerce in conjunction with the static Gatsby.js page generator, which we use as the basis of our proprietary gatsby typescript storefront. To separate the CMS functionality from the presentation layer, we used a proprietary module that provides an extensible GraphQL schema and API for any WordPress WooCommerce site. The front-end layer of the entire website was written in React, which allowed, among other things, to implement the Progressive Web App functionality for eCommerce. In addition to the above-mentioned, the store platform has also acquired the necessary modules to support the entire purchasing system.

In the last step, we undertook activities related to the migration of content from the previous store platform, as well as comprehensive testing and implementation of the new eCommerce website. In the meantime, the client also decided to implement several additional modules extending the originally assumed scope of the project, mapped in the product backlog. Finally, the online store was published on the production domain, replacing the old Shoplo instance.


The key aspects based on which we created a modern and functional eCommerce website for the Deskwise brand include:

  • customer requirements identified during the workshops;
  • preparation of a dedicated UX / UI design project;
  • use of headless commerce technology based on WooCommerce;
  • preparation and provision of PWA applications for users;
  • smooth Shoplo - WooCommerce migration.

The research and workshop process, preparation of a dedicated graphic design and its implementation in headless commerce technology allowed for the creation of a unique and effective eCommerce website for the Deskwise brand.

Used technologies

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