A modern and functional online store with products for children and babies for one of the market leaders.

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Business needs

Babyono is a brand that has been operating on the market for over 30 years.
During this time, it gained recognition of Polish and foreign retail customers and many sales networks.
The main goals of the WooCommerce online store design for the brand include:

  • implementation of a new functional online store on an open platform (WordPress WooCommerce Open Source);
  • increasing brand sales directly on the Internet;
  • brand reaching new customers in the eCommerce area.

The most important goal of the project is to develop the sales of a brand that is doing great in the traditional segment, also in the area of eCommerce.

The main goal of the project

The most important goal of the project was to design, implement and develop a new eCommerce platform based on the WordPress WooCommerce engine on a dedicated graphic design consistent with the client's business strategy.


The implementation of the new eCommerce platform for the Babyono brand required active measures in the following areas:

  • designing information architecture corresponding to the brand's business strategy;
  • creating a dedicated utility design (UX) and graphic design (UI);
  • joining the entire project into a WordPress WooCommerce engine;
  • integration of the engine with the Allegro, Ceneo and Comarch platforms;
  • implementation of tools for monitoring and optimizing the functioning of the online store.

Ultimately, we managed to implement a project of a modern and effective online store, which we develop and improve further together with the client.

Project description

Babyono is a recognizable and respected brand of products for children, which has been on the market since the beginning of the 90s. A brand that deserves a modern, useful and attractive online store that will worthily represent the values ​​and quality offered by the brand. The Babyono online store is a modern eCommerce based entirely on the WordPress WooCommerce engine. Thanks to the work of a team of designers and developers of the Blue Owl eCommerce Software House, we managed to create an online store that meets the expectations of the brand owners and its customers.

The Babyono online store has been designed in accordance with the principle of user centered design, which puts the usability of the website in the first place as the most important value. Thanks to this, the online store is easy to use, intuitive and, moreover, attractive. The use of the existing visual identification of the brand, combined with appropriate graphics and photography, allowed to obtain a valuable graphic interface.

Babyono is an online store that shows the range of possibilities offered by the WooCommerce ecommerce engine. Babyono is an online store where the Blue Owl development team used 110% of the possibilities offered by WooCommerce and WordPress by creating a multi-level menu, an effective and modern search engine, a gallery of products depending on the selected configuration, or an extensive customer panel and wishlist. These are functions that give e-commerce a unique character while increasing its usefulness for customers. The entire website has been programmed according to a previously prepared graphic design.

The Babyono online store, in addition to the standard functions offered by the WooCommerce engine and commercial plugins, has been enriched with its own solutions that resulted from the needs of the store owner, and above all, customers. The online store has been equipped with its own plug that allows to enrich the promotion mechanism with a product "for a penny", which is a solution specially adapted to the Polish market. In addition, a special product configurator has been prepared as part of the Babyono website, which makes it easier for customers to choose products for newborns.


The key functionalities of the Babyono online store that allowed to obtain the expected business results include:

  • consistent information architecture;
  • dedicated graphic design;
  • integration with external platforms (Allegro, Ceneo, Comarch);
  • optimization of the usability and speed of the eCommerce platform;
  • choosing a flexible hosting place;
  • implementation of own dedicated WooCommerce modules.

All the implemented activities allowed for the launch of a modern, unique and, above all, effective eCommerce platform, which we are constantly developing together with the Babyono brand.

Used technologies

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