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    With the subscription eCommerce market growing over 100% in the past five years, it’s no surprise that businesses require a reliable tool to manage their recurring payments and orders successfully. Subscription apps for Shopify provide just that, with countless options available to choose from.

    Support Different Types Of Subscriptions

    A subscription business model is a great way for eCommerce businesses to retain customers and boost their revenue. When selecting the best Shopify subscription app, ensure it supports all the different subscription models available. These include the replenishment model, curation model, bargain subscription model, and fixed subscription model. You can easily set up all these models with a good Shopify subscription app.

    From plug-and-play capabilities to complex systems, there’s a Shopify monthly subscription app for every business. However, how do you pick the right one for your business? This guide provides an in-depth look at what factors should be considered when choosing the best Shopify monthly subscription apps. Let’s get into it.

    Case Study

    Custom Design and launching new Shopify store for a well known polish toy company. We used Dawn theme and customize it to reach customer expectations.

    1. Easy To Set-Up

    For any Shopify subscription app you’re considering, make sure it is easy to set up and configure. Check the instructions on the app page to see how detailed they are and if they provide any helpful guides or tutorials. If you can’t find anything, look at customer reviews to see their experiences with setting up the app. Make sure you can set up the app quickly and easily, so you don’t waste time or resources. Also, help manuals, customer support, and onboarding services should be available to assist you whenever needed.

    2. Compatible With Your Store Theme

    When choosing your Shopify subscription app, ensure it is compatible with your store’s theme. Different themes have different features that an app must work with to function properly. If an app isn’t compatible with the theme, then it won’t be able to provide the features you require. For example, a subscription app designed for a fashion store won’t be suitable for an online bookstore.

    3. Security And Privacy Protection

    Having secure and private transactions is of the utmost importance when running an online shop. Check the security protocols with any Shopify monthly subscription app you consider using. Check if they use secure payment gateways and if they are PCI compliant.

    Also, ensure the app doesn’t store any of your customer’s sensitive data on its servers. You should also see if they provide a privacy policy that outlines how they protect and use customer data. For added security, look for apps that offer two-factor authentication to help protect your customers’ accounts.

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    4. Customization Options

    You should consider customizing the user experience on your Shopify subscription app. This could include customizing pricing plans, adjusting renewal settings, and creating discounts or promotional offers. Look at the customization options available in each app you consider and make sure it can match the demands of your shop.

    Also, see if there is a way to integrate with other customer-facing elements such as loyalty programs or product recommendations. You should also make sure that any customization options available in the app can be controlled from the admin dashboard.

    5. GDPR And Data Privacy Compliant

    The privacy of your customer’s data is an important factor to consider when choosing a Shopify subscription app. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation updates and changes data privacy laws from time to time, while different regions may have their own unique laws. Ensure the app you select complies with the most up-to-date and applicable privacy regulations. Pay special attention to data protection compliance when choosing a subscription app.

    6. Proper Documentation

    For merchants to be able to resolve their roadblocks and problems quickly, it is essential to ensure that the bold subscription apps you choose have comprehensible documentation for every feature. This way, customers can easily refer to support documents instead of relying on customer service teams for help.

    Easy access to comprehensive guides and tutorials makes using tech-savvy subscription apps much more seamless and efficient.

    Having the right resources can make all the difference when utilizing a Shopify monthly subscription app to its fullest potential. That is why thorough documentation should be one of your top priorities while selecting an app.

    7. Support 2.0 Shopify Themes

    The models used to provide subscription apps by Shopify have changed over time. V1 provided subscription app users full control of all features, while in later years, the shift was made to V2. Although it is more secure and safe, this model means that certain functions can only be openly established once Shopify removes them from the list of limitations. The change has affected the ease with which Shopify subscription apps can be plugged in, so checking whether the one you choose is suitable for your Shopify theme is essential.

    8. Customer Support

    For a monthly Shopify subscription business app to be truly successful, it should have a reliable and responsive customer portal and support. After all, any glitches or errors you experience will need to be fixed quickly to keep your store running smoothly. Look for shops that offer in-depth knowledge base articles, 24/7 online chat support, or even phone support for recurring revenue streams.

    Additionally, check out other customer reviews to ensure the app’s customer service is up to snuff. It may not be worth your time if an app has a history of slow response times or lacks support. On the other hand, highly rated customer service can go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your monthly subscription service app.

    Shopify subscription app customer support

    9. Price

    Of course, monthly fees are always a factor when evaluating any product or service. Many Shopify monthly subscription apps offer free plans, while others require payment upfront to use the app’s features. Read through each app’s pricing page carefully and determine how much value you will get from your monthly subscription. Some app vendors may offer discounts or promotions, so take advantage of them if available.

    No matter your budget, there are many great Shopify monthly subscription apps, so don’t let the price deter you from finding the perfect one for your store. Remember that a quality subscription app can pay for itself in the long run if it helps you generate more revenue.

    10. Analytics

    To gather data to get insights into customer behavior, you should choose a Shopify subscription model app with analytics capabilities. This will help you focus on the more strategic business areas without wasting time on integrating technologies and shorten your time to market. Furthermore, when analytics are cohesively embedded across the application, it can make for faster business growth, and the analytics capabilities can be aligned with business goals to maximize the potential of subscription management practices.

    11. Support Different Types Of Subscriptions

    A subscription business model is a great way for eCommerce businesses to retain customers and boost their revenue. When selecting the best Shopify subscription app, ensure it supports all the different subscription models available. These include the replenishment model, curation model, bargain subscription model, and fixed subscription model. You can easily set up all these models with a good Shopify subscription app.

    The replenishment model is ideal for items that need to be purchased regularly, such as groceries, food, and medicine. The curation model can provide customers with surprise products in subscription boxes. With the bargain or access subscription model, customers pay a monthly fee for discounts or exclusive offers. Finally, the fixed subscription model is mainly used for software as a service product and involves providing a set of products for a predetermined period at a fixed price.

    Choosing an app that supports all these different models will ensure that your customers have plenty of options when subscribing to your products. This will also help you maximize profits and build long-term customer relationships.

    12. Help In Inventory Forecasting

    Manually, it takes a lot of work to keep track of your inventory. However, with the help of the best Shopify subscription apps, you can easily keep a check on this. These apps use AI-based forecasting algorithms that automatically forecast inventory needs based on past purchase trends and current sales records. This will help plan and organize inventories accordingly and ensure that you don’t run out of stock due to overstocking or understocking.

    Also, with automated inventory forecasting, you can reduce wastage and eliminate the need to keep extra stock in the warehouse. The subscription widget will help save money on storage costs and increase your profits.

    13. Cancellation Management

    The customer retention rate typically averages out to only 20%. Consumers are constantly being presented with new options when it comes to brands, making them easily able to change their loyalty. To combat this, companies must make an effort to retain customers.

    Use apps that have features geared toward subscription cancellation management. This can give customers a chance to explain their decision to cancel and provide incentives to entice them to stay.

    Through real-time cancellation management, retention rates will likely improve drastically. Subscription apps for Shopify should be able to automatically trigger actions when a customer initiates a subscription cancellation to achieve this. Questionnaires to gather insights and immediate offers of incentives should be included.

    Customer retention will be much easier to manage with the right subscription app. Make sure you pick one that includes cancellation management features.

    Shopify subscription app will help you to reduce churn rate

    14. Reduce Churn

    Dunning management is a must-have feature when selecting the best Shopify subscription app for your business. When transactions fail due to card expiry or other reasons, dunning management can help you retain sales and customers by providing alerts to customers and retrying the transaction at reasonable intervals. Smart dunning management within your subscription app can increase customer retention and sales.

    15. Automated Invoicing

    Another important feature to look for when evaluating Shopify subscription apps is automated invoicing. This allows customers to be charged automatically according to the payment schedule you have set up in your app, ensuring that payments are received on time and helping you save time and effort on manual invoicing processes. Automated invoicing will also ensure you get all the payments, making it an invaluable feature for any subscription-related business.

    16. Personalized Email Notifications

    Brands that offer personalized experiences are more likely to convert 80% of subscribers. Personalized communication, such as notifications, can help build a strong connection between customers and the brand. Automated notifications such as order confirmations, shipping status updates, payment confirmation messages, failed payment reminders, and so on can be sent out to keep customers informed and engaged with your business.

    This can help create a more personalized experience, ensuring customers don’t overlook the messages as generic notifications sent to everyone. With clear, concise, and relevant content in each message you send, customers will be more likely to take action or respond accordingly.

    By providing better customer service with timely email updates, brands can set themselves apart from competitors. Additionally, this will make customers feel more valued and appreciated.

    17. Custom Shipping

    You should ensure that the best subscription apps allow users to customize their shipping profiles based on key variables such as order size, value, weight, and more. This can make managing shipping costs and calculations easier and help reward loyal customers with additional shipping benefits. With the right system, you can easily create and manage multiple shipping profiles for efficient operations.

    Also, make sure to factor in taxes when calculating shipping costs. Taxes are an important part of online business, and not considering them can lead to costly mistakes in the long run.

    By finding a subscription app that ticks all these boxes, you can rest assured that your customers get the best shopping experience possible.

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    Being a Shopify-Partnered Agency, we offer various services that can help optimize your eCommerce business and make it much more successful. From Shopify subscription apps to custom website and logo design, we have all the tools you need to take your business to the next level. The team of professionals is dedicated to helping users improve their sites and provide superior customer service.

    From helping you set up a Shopify subscription app to providing ongoing support, our team of experts is always there for you. We can also help you find the best Shopify monthly subscription apps and configure them properly so your customers can easily subscribe and manage their accounts without any issues. With Blue Owl Agency by your side, you can rest assured that your site is in good hands. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

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