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    Every day, each of us makes at least one trip around the online world. By clicking on your favorite online stores, we look for the necessary products and services or browse information portals when looking for the content we are interested in.

    Customer expectations are the most important.

    We are in the 21st century. Humanity has reached the point where almost anything can be produced in any quantity, we are only limited by our own ideas. However, the challenge is to understand the needs and identify the emotions of customers that accompany the purchase process and then during the use of the product or service. Therefore, ensuring a high level of customer service at every stage of the purchase process plays a key role in building the strategy of many companies. The industries are increasingly investing in solutions that improve the shopping experience of consumers, ranging from the arrangement of sales space or a properly designed online store to comprehensive service both during and after shopping. Customers, even if they are not picky, know very well what they expect from a product or service. Do you know your customers’ expectations?

    The power of Customer Journey.

    We have just learned that we should focus on the client and his experiences, that is, we should adopt his perspective. To do it effectively, we require an appropriate tool with a broader view than the standard analysis of typical internal company processes, describing events seen only through the eyes of the company’s employees. The American company VIDEO contributed to the creation of the Customer Journey Map (CJM) tool – the customer journey. Customer Journey Map as a tool turned out to be a bull’s eye. Thanks to this, we can carefully analyze the customer’s experience, i.e. map how the journey through individual purchasing processes is perceived by him. It is worth noting that the main character and actor is played by the client, his thoughts, emotions and needs, collected from various sources during a detailed diagnosis, are in the foreground.

    Benefits of Customer Journey Map

    The main goal of Customer Journey Map is to create the most pleasant customer experience with the brand in the purchasing process. By analyzing each point of the journey in detail, then matching it to your brand, it is easier to see what needs to be improved. With the help of Customer Journey, you can solve problems in the purchasing process and then build excellent relationships with customers. Thanks to this, your customers will become more loyal.

    The key advantages of Customer Journey Mapping include:

    • selecting all points of contact where there is interaction between customers and the brand,
    • identification of the logical sequence of the customer’s journey,
    • focusing on the specific needs of customers at every stage of the purchasing process,
    • visualization of weak points that affect negative customer feedback,
    • accurate understanding of the needs and expectations of customers,
    • a look at the processes taking place in eCommerce from the customer’s perspective,
    • developing priorities based on how customers navigate the online store to maximize the effectiveness of activities,
    • identifying the strengths that constitute a competitive advantage that may contribute to building an even stronger emotional bond between the customer and the brand.
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