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We are Blue Owl eCommerce Agency London

We are a team of different people and characters who share a common passion for development and technology. We created Blue Owl eCommerce Software House because we believe that by combining our business and marketing knowledge with technological and design competences, we are able to help many great people and companies achieve their business goals.
For over 10 years we have been delivering modern eCommerce websites that are characterized by high conversion, usability and sales effectiveness. Created online stores allow our clients to successfully conquer the e-commerce market.
Let us share our knowledge and skills with you. Together, we will implement the most ambitious visions and implement unique eCommerce projects!

Discover our organizational culture

  • Clarity

    By creating online stores, we try to make sure that our clients have accurate information about the status of works and their progress at every stage of the project implementation. We try to keep our management and development team in contact with our clients, guiding them through a world of technology that they often don't understand. Using the methodology of flrxible project management, our clients can actively participate in the work of the project and programming team. This allows us to maintain full transparency throughout the development cycle of eCommerce websites.
  • Creativity

    Each member of our team is aware that only exceptional eCommerce services are successful on the market. They are distinguished not only by the design and quality of the software, but above all by unique elements that really make a difference. In order for an online store to become unique, you should cooperate with a creative team, think outside the box, look for solutions where it is difficult to see them. Our team consists of people who approach problem solving in a methodological way, looking for solutions by asking the right questions, prototyping and testing. That is why we can provide unique online stores for demanding customers every day.
  • Involvement

    We realize that creating a new online store, on which depends the company's future, is very demanding for our clients. Therefore, at every stage of the project, we try to make our client feel that his project is in good hands. Our team shows additional initiative, often proposing solutions that were not included in the project, in order to better match the online store to the needs of the customer and user. Customer-oriented approach allows us to be 100% focused and committed to project work.

The people behind the success of your project

Our team

Our team can be defined by a unique combination of experience and creativity in design, with specific technical and technological knowledge and knowledge of difficult business realities. Thanks to many years of experience, our qualified team can provide comprehensive eCommerce support for clients from all industries.

Our team consists of talented designers, UX specialists, analysts and, above all, programmers, ready for new challenges. Thanks to passion and commitment, each member of our team works for the client's success. By creating modern online stores, we try to meet the needs of our customers and, above all, help and advise that the eCommerce services we create are close to perfection.
  • Jacek


  • Chris


  • Przemek


  • Lukasz

    Head of Development

  • Dominik

    Head of Design

  • Andy

    Business Development Manager

  • Piotr

    Back-end Developer

Every step in the process matters

  1. 01

    eCommerce strategy

    Business feasibility analysis

    Identifying business needs is a key element in the process of creating online stores. Thanks to the business feasibility analysis and eCommerce workshops, we can define the main insights, develop the information architecture and create a product development plan. This allows for the effective start of design and implementation works.

    plan your action
  2. 02

    Custom design

    Designing customer experiences (CX / UX / UI)

    It all leads to making shopping quick and easy. As part of the online store design process, our team creates the information architecture that is the basis for User Experience. Thanks to this, customers will have an easier time navigating the site, and you will get a guaranteed profit!

    start the project
  3. 03

    Shopify development

    Shopify Plus implementation in the agile development methodology

    Agile development is one of the most popular software project management methods. The key to success is effective collaboration between members of the project team. Thanks to the use of a flexible approach to development and management, our team effectively implements and delivers online store projects for our clients, maintaining the highest quality.

    start cooperation
  4. 04

    eCommerce launch

    Implementation, optimization and integration of the online store

    As a modern eCommerce Software House, we provide our clients with the highest quality eCommerce solutions. Our team of professionals uses technologies such as WooCommerce, Shopify, JavaScript (React, Gatsby) to create modern online stores. The eCommerce websites created by eCommerce Software House Blue Owl are characterized not only by high quality, but above all by being tailored to the needs of users.

    create an eCommerce website
  5. 05

    Growth and maintenance

    Analysis, development and maintenance of the eCommerce website

    The implementation of the software does not end the entire process of introducing eCommerce to the market. An equally important element is maintaining, developing and scaling the software in accordance with the customer's strategy. As a team of Blue Owl eCommerce Software House, we make every effort to ensure that the online stores we create have full support, not only during the creation process, but also after its implementation. We provide support, development, optimization and technical service for eCommerce websites that we design and implement. Online stores have to evolve by themselves to adapt to changing reality, which is why our support in the process of product development and maintenance is so important.

    develop eCommerce service

We measure success with the satisfaction of our clients

  • The Blue Owl team has coded new features into the existing online store replacing WordPress plugins. There was also a new hosting implementation and an improvement to the user interface from both the UX and UI side. They are currently developing sales-oriented improvements.

    Online sales and productivity improved with Blue Owl's development support. A well-established management process and a willingness to work outside normal hours ensure high quality on-time deliveries. Customers can expect a professional partner and open communication.

    Michał Marcinkowski
    CEO, Madens

  • Blue Owl team members created an online store based on the WooCommerce platform for a company dealing with children's products, designing graphics and compiling a list of products for sellers. They connected the site with the IP system and a popular platform in Poland.

    Blue Owl has demonstrated strong eCommerce development skills, supporting positive customer experiences. The team communicated well and responded promptly to inquiries. They met the deadlines and offered more reasonable costs than the competition.

    Paweł Wolsztyniak
    Ecommerce manager, Babyono

  • The Blue Owl team developed the WooCommerce website based on a completely dedicated user interface and graphic design.

    We were fully satisfied with the quality of communication with the Blue Owl team. Our employees and the Blue Owl team cooperated with each other, consistently communicating to find optimal solutions. Blue Owl brought a combination of IT and business expertise to the engagement.

    Radosław Karczyński
    CEO, Rexproduct

Valuable support to our partners

We build a business together with strong partners!

We supplement our own knowledge with the knowledge of our partners. Wherever we need detailed competences that we do not have, we reach for the help of the best specialists dealing with a given issue. Thanks to long-lasting, proven relationships with our partners, we are able to offer even more!

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