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Digital transformation is the integration of new technologies with all areas of the organization's functioning. This process is happening at every level of the company, it allows people to solve their problems and responds to their needs. Strong brands decide to invest in software that allows to improve the reality that surrounds us, thanks to it they can operate more efficiently and faster. Working with the use of modern technologies, such as Headless Commerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, marketing automation, PWA, not only increases not only the possibilities of companies, but also contributes to achieving a competitive advantage on the market.

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Our clients believed in digital transformation

  • Deskwise
  • PSI
  • Rosenthal
  • Rexproduct
  • Kinder Kraft
  • Poznan
  • Babyono

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Explore how we deliver Headless Commerce products

  1. 01

    Strategic planning

    Business feasibility analysis.

    Identifying business needs is a key element in the process of creating online stores. Thanks to the business feasibility analysis and Design Sprint workshops, we can define the main insights, develop the information architecture and create a product development plan. This allows for the effective start of design and implementation works.

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  2. 02

    Design and prototyping

    Customer Experience Design (CX / UX / UI).

    The aim is to make shopping quick and easy. As part of the online store design process, our team creates the information architecture that is the basis for User Experience. Thanks to this, customers could easily navigate the eCommerce store, and you will get a guaranteed profit!

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  3. 03

    Agile development software implementation

    Fast and efficient Headless Commerce development process.

    Agile development is one of the most popular software project management methods. The key to success is effective collaboration between members of the project team. Thanks to the use of a flexible approach to development and management, our team effectively implements and delivers Headless Commerce projects based on Shopify Plus for our clients, sustaining the highest quality.

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  4. 04

    Implementation, optimization and integration

    Implementation, optimization and integration of the eCommerce.

    As a modern Headless Commerce Agency, we provide our clients with the highest quality eCommerce solutions. Our team of professionals uses technologies such as Shopify Plus, Shopify, Hydrogen, Shogun Frontend to create modern online stores. The Headless CMS websites created by Blue Owl | Shopify Headless Commerce Agency are characterized not only by high quality, but above all by being responsive to the needs of users.

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  5. 05

    Support & maintenance

    Analysis, development and maintenance of the Headless CMS eCommerce.

    The implementation of the software does not end the entire process of introducing eCommerce to the market. An equally important element is maintaining, developing and scaling the software in accordance with the customer's strategy. As a team of Blue Owl | Shopify Headless Commerce Agency, we make every effort to ensure that the online stores we create have full support, not only during the creation process, but also after its implementation. We provide support, development, optimization and technical service for Headless CMS websites that we design and implement. eCommerce have to evolve by themselves in order to adapt to changing reality, which is why our support in the process of product development and maintenance is so important.

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Our services make a difference

  • strategy and design

    Using the methodology of strategic management, Design Thinking and the experience of our designers, we create Headless Commerce services that are unique in terms of business, utility and visual aspects.

    eCommerce Workshops


    Rapid Prototyping

    Graphic design

    eCommerce Business Model

  • technology implementation

    While creating modern Headless Commerce, we choose the best technologies and platforms that we adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients.

    Shopify & Shopify Plus

    Headless Commerce

    Progressive Web App

    Shogun Frontend

    Hydrogen & Oxygen

  • integration and optimization

    The implementation of an eCommerce often requires integration with external systems (ERP, payments, shipping, marketplaces) and optimization in terms of operational efficiency.

    Shopify integrations

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Performance enhancement

    Core Web Vitals optimization

    marketing automation

  • development and maintenance

    Headless Commerceis a solution that has to evolve and adapt to changes in the world of eCommerce. That is why the constant expansion and development of online store is so important.

    Support & maitenance

    Custom integrations

    UX audit

    A/B tests

    growth strategies


Encounter our recent projects

  • Deskwise

    eCommerce website in Headless Commerce technology. React + Gatsby.js + WooCommerce. eCommerce service for a demanding furniture distributor.

  • Laki Kwietne

    A modern e-commerce website for nature enthusiasts. Ecommerce for the Łąki Kwietne brand is an effective WooCommerce website.

  • Wielcy Malcy

    Online store for the Wielcy Malcy brand. A modern online store on the WordPress WooCommerce platform for a customer from the children's industry.

  • UnoEspresso

    Online store on the WooCommerce platform for a distributor of coffee, tea and equipment, the Uno Espresso brand.

  • Mam Okres

    Designed for women, online store for the brand Mam Czas. Unique, inimitable design and accessible form of WooCommerce store.

  • Rexproduct

    A modern and effective, multilingual eCommerce platform for a client from the production and trade industry.

  • Babyono

    A modern, useful online store on the WooCommerce platform for a customer in the field of equipment for children and babies.

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